August 22, 2020

10 Reasons Not To Move To The UK


The United Kingdom is one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world. But like many countries, it is also not perfect so think twice before moving there and the list below will make you think a bit longer before moving to the UK. Below are 10 reasons not to move to the United Kingdom.

1. High levels of Depression – most people are under immense pressure from society to do well or act a certain way… as a result, a large number of people in the United Kingdom suffer from depression. Some people in public will smile and give the impression that they are happy, but secretly they are not.

2. High Standards of Living – the United Kingdom is a rich and powerful country, and like all the rich and powerful countries it suffers from “high standards of living”. This means if you are not earning the average income of $41,030 per year, you will most likely have a hard time meeting all your needs.

3. Many Low Paying Jobs – the UK offers people lots of opportunities but most of the jobs are low paying jobs, especially in the services and hospitality industries.

4. Systemic Racism – systemic racism is strong in the United Kingdom, a form of hidden racism that makes life more difficult for people of color, religion, gender, etc.

5. Family Is Not As Important – due to most people being so independent, long gone are the days where family members eat together and keep in regular contact. It still happens during special occasions (i.e Christmas), but not as much.

6. Too Independent – asking people for help, especially for financial help is frowned upon, and so people have become too independent even when they need assistance. Someone may help you but they might still have bad assumptions; such as “he/she wants a handout, get a job, etc”.

7. Too Much Regulation – the UK is highly organized, so things take time to get approved. You can’t just build a house or a building whenever you want.

8. Materialistic – this is mostly young people, especially girls. The latest iPhones, the latest computers, the clothes, the latest car, etc. The west as a whole is a very materialistic society.

9. Post-secondary education is expensive – similar to American or Canadian post-secondary education, going to college or university is expensive and international students pay even more.

10. The weather – the UK weather is better than many to most of the countries in Western Europe such as Norway, Finland, and others because it doesn’t get very cold or very warm – the weather is “temperate”. However the weather is very inconsistent, you never know what to expect. Most days, it is raining and the sky is boring and grey.



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