July 24, 2020

10 Reasons Not To Move To North Korea


Unless you were a very lucrative job in North Korea, it is definitely not a country we would recommend. Below we share 10 reasons not to move to North Korea.

1. Dictatorship – almost everything the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un says is absolute. He rules the country with an iron fist. If you go against him or say anything bad against him and his family, you will be in big trouble. There is no free speech.

2. Too Much Propaganda – the State media TV is the government’s propaganda machine that feeds lies and misinformation to the population about the state of affairs in the country, and abroad. The public image of the country and of its Supreme Leader is everything.

3. Lack of Individuality – Most people don’t do what they want to do. People usually do things for the “greater good” of the family, the company, country, and so on.

4. Too Isolated From World Affairs – The are many sanctions on the country, and so it is very isolated from world affairs and any decision making.

5. Bad EconomyThe United States and other western countries have imposed tough sanctions on North Korea for always threatening war with South Korea and the US, unnecessary war games, etc. As a result, there are many low paying jobs, many sectors of the economy are suffering, etc.

6. Human Rights Abuses – There are many human rights cases of abuse at the highest levels of government and society. Executions, torture, and many other things happen regularly. Also, many companies pay their employees very poorly without any consequences.

7. Relies too much on China – Due to heavy sanctions from Western countries, especially the United States… North Korea depends on China for its economy. They sell a lot of agricultural products and other things to China.

8. Discrimination – Many foreigners do not get all the benefits that the locals get such as better job opportunities, education, etc. In some cases, people of color and other minorities will experience racism. You would NOT have a good experience there at all.

9. Too Much Government Control – The government in North Korea has absolute control over everything that goes on in the country. You need approval to do almost anything. Visitors to the country are carefully monitored. Internet censorship is also very strong in the country – a lot of your favorite social media websites are blocked.

10. Too Much Staring If You Are not Korean – This is not malicious or bad, they are just curious. But it gets annoying to constantly get stares, so unless it doesn’t bother you, do not move there.



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