July 25, 2020

10 Reasons Not To Move To France


France is a developed and rich country and is one of the most historic countries in the world. Despite being the 3rd largest economy in Europe and the 6th largest in the world, France has a lot of economic and social issues. The country has lots of joblessness, and low paying jobs… so, below are 10 reasons not to move to France.

1. Very High Cost of Living – People work extremely hard to keep all the nice things they have but they are “a missed paycheck away” from going broke and not meeting their needs. A simple one-bedroom apartment in Paris will cost you on average between 1100 – 3000 Euros per month. 1700 Euros per month is the median/average salary, and a large number of people earn less than that, especially in the service/hospitality industry.

2. Not As friendly – A lot of people work and enjoy all a lot of human rights, but the downside is that people are less friendly. For example, when your car breaks down on the highway, most people are going to pass you by. Also, most French people do not care if you are a tourist or not, they will react to you the same way they are with each other.

3. Too Individualistic – If you need help, most people are not willing to help you unless they know you personally or if they like you.

4. Systemic and Plain Racism – systemic racism is very prevalent in France and in some cases open racism against people of color and minorities.

5. Many Low Paying Jobs – Similar to Canada and the United States, France has a lot of low paying jobs, so many people work 2 jobs. Protests happen often for wage increases.

6. People Rely Too Much On Credit – The cost of living is so high in France that people regularly take out loans and lines of credit.

7. Too Materialistic – There is a huge emphasis on making money, but some will go as far as to lie and deceive. For example, a dentist will tell you, you need x, y or z done even though your teeth are fine.

8. Most People Are Pessimistic – The national mood in France has been bad for over 10 years now and counting. Most people have a pessimistic view of life and don’t believe it will get better.

9. Education System Keeps Declining – If you are planning to move to France because of the education system, we would not recommend it. The education system for kids has been declining in France for years.

10. Islamist Extremism and Terrorism – France has a very large number of immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, so terrorist organizations such as ISIS and AL QAEDA recruit a lot of young men who live in France to conduct operations in the country.


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Lynn - October 16, 2021 Reply

I agree 100%. I find most French people rude and arrogant.

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