July 18, 2020

10 Reasons Not To Move To Canada


Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world. It is a rich and developed country, very safe, and respected all over the world. Canada affords you a lot of opportunities to succeed in life. But Canada is definitely not a paradise and life is not easy.

Canada is a very big and diverse country but the reasons given below cover most of the country.

1. The cost of living in Canada is high – Canada is a developed country and one of the richest countries in the world, so the standard of living in Canada is high relative to most countries. The cost of basic goods, food, phone and internet service, housing, etc costs more in Canada. In order to live comfortably in Canada, it is recommended that you earn at least $40,000 a year. Most people who earn under $40,000 a year struggle and have hard time saving money. A lot of people rely on credit, like in the United States.

2. Finding a good-paying job takes time – Unless you are well connected, finding a good-paying job in Canada takes time (if you find it). By “a good-paying job”, we mean the job has to pay at least $40,000 a year. So, if you are new to Canada, chances are you will struggle unless your housing is subsidized by the city or the provincial government. A large number of people in Canada live in subsidized housing or receive some form of additional financial assistance from social programs in addition to their salary.

3. Taxes, taxes, and more tax – Canadians are some of most taxed citizens in the world. There is even something called a “Carbon tax”, a tax to limit pollution.

4. Canada is very cold in the winter – Canadian winters are among the coldest in the world. Canada has all 4 seasons; summer, spring, fall, and winter but winter is the longest season (4 – 6 months). Winters come with a lot of snowstorms, and bone-chilling wind chills. Depending on where you are in Canada, it can get as low as 40 degrees below 0. If you live in a house, be prepared to shovel snow or pay someone else to do it for you. Snow is beautiful but Canada gets too much snow. We must mention that the province of British Columbia has mild winters, so their winters are much nicer than the rest of Canada and it is not as cold.

5. Domestic travel is expensive – Canada is the second-largest country in the world… it is absolutely massive. That means flying across Canada is more expensive or costs the same as flying from Canada to the Caribbean or South America. Also, travelling across Europe is cheaper than travelling across Canada.

6. Canadians are very private – Canadians are very private. For example the subject of money; unless you are a close personal friend or family member, never ask people here how much they make… people don’t like that and view it as a very private matter, it is the same as asking to see their health/medical records.

7. Too many rules and regulations – Canada is a very organized country, but there are many rules here. You need approval for this and that by the city, province or the federal government, you need a license for x,y,z and so forth.

8. Systemic Racism – This form racism is not in the open or visible but exists under the surface and mostly applies to the minority, meaning: your skin colour or appearance, your name, religion (if it is known), or where you come from can all work against you in regards to high job opportunities, bank loans, and other things.

9. Canadians are not direct with you – Obviously, not everyone but most people do not like confrontation, so they will either avoid you or not tell you what they really think. This is not a reason not to move to Canada, but it is certainly something to keep in mind. This happens a lot, even at job interviews. People are nice and kind, but they are not direct.

10. Canada is boring – Outside of the largest cities in Canada; Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary… the rest of Canada is pretty boring, even it’s capital city of almost 1 million people (Ottawa). There are many things to do and see, but is not a fun country relative to other countries. Most people are not social, most people have a simple routine; eat, work and sleep. People are mostly worried about their responsibilities in Canada. We believe this is due to culture and Canada’s location on the world map as a cold country.


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