August 15, 2020

10 Reasons Not To Move To Afghanistan


The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, a country at the crossroads of Central and South Asia. Most governments around the world advise against travel to Afghanistan and we definitely advise against moving to Afghanistan. Afghanistan has too many problems to list in one article, but below are 10 reasons NOT to move there.

1. Not Safe – Afghanistan is literally one of the world’s battlegrounds. It is home to lots of armed groups including ISIS. The biggest and most powerful is The Taliban. There is constant fighting between the Afghan government and Taliban forces despite several attempts to make peace. Deadly suicide attacks, car bombs, and targeted killings in urban areas are common. Despite the United States withdrawing from the country, they still conduct a lot of Airstrikes and drone attacks, resulting in civilian casualties.

2. Too Much Corruption – this has always been a problem in Afghanistan and always will be. There is corruption at every level of government. Billions of dollars have been stolen over the years by high-level government officials and others.

3. Very Low Standard Of Living – Afghanistan is one of the poorest nations on Earth – the average annual income is $600 US. The country has an estimated GDP of 22 billion dollars.

4. Unstable Economy – due to constant wars, bombings, food shortages, political unrest and many other issues – the economy is never stable. Unemployment is very high. The economy operates on a cash-only basis so credit cards are not widely accepted.

5. Low Life Expectancy – Because of all the problems citizens in Afghanistan face, life average life expectancy is 50 years.

6. Bad Infrastructure – Afghanistan is located in an active seismic zone, so earthquakes are not uncommon. Most buildings have poor infrastructure.

7. Electricity Problems – Electricity is a luxury in Afghanistan so for this reason alone, definitely do not move there.

8. Water and Food Shortages – The country experiences a lot of droughts, so water shortages are very common, as well as food shortages.

9. Human Rights Concerns – Violence against women and children is high and unfortunately, most of these cases go unreported. Same-sex relations are strictly prohibited and if discovered you will go to prison for at least 5 years.

10. Discriminatory Practices and Torture by Police – Detainees in police custody often experience torture at extreme levels such as electric current to their genitals, crushing their testicles with clamps, etc.



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